3 new series in work, 10 more projects commissioned by Kaley Cuoco, Greg Berlanti, Steven Soderbergh, Lena Dunham on HBO Max


Although it is only launching in the spring of 2020, HBO Max is preparing its portfolio of new series, setting several ten productions that already have a green wave from the platform, while another three series are in the pilot stage. Moreover, the portal owned by Warner Media has also reached an agreement for its first original films. All exclusive productions of HBO Max will appear under the “Max Originals” brand. The platform has managed to gather well-known names for its original production portfolio, including Meryl Streep, Ansel Elgort, Reese Witherspoon, Kaley Cuoco, Greg Berlanti, and Steven Soderbergh.

The Rules of Magic, signed by Melissa Rosenberg (Jessica Jones), based on Alice Hoffman’s books, is a 1960s New York drama centered on the story of a family whose members discover they are descendants of generations of witches. , afflicted by a curse of hundreds of years, which does not allow them to find their love. In 1998, Warner Bros. has released a movie that serves as a sequel, Practical Magic, adapted from the book by the same author, with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles.

Generation, a play signed by Lena Dunham (Girls) and Zelda Barnz, tells the story of a high school group exploring modern, tech-driven sexuality, changing their perceptions about love, family and life in a conservative community.

Red Bird Lane, a psychological horror created by Sara Gran and John Wells, centered on the adventures of eight strangers who remain isolated in a deserted house (for different reasons) and await sinister surprises.

Circe – series based on the book of the same name by Madeline Miller, a powerful feminist story told from the perspective of the goddess Circe, who transforms from a nymph into a witch comparable to gods, titans, and monsters.

Dune: The Sisterhood – a story centered on the female characters (the Bene Gesserit order) created by Frank Herbert, placed in the known Dune universe. The pilot will be directed by Denis Villeneuve, who will also be in charge of the upcoming Dune movie.

The Flight Attendant – a thriller produced by Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) and Greg Berlanti, in which it will also play the lead role. The series is based on the book by Chris Bohjalian, which tells the story of a flight attendant who wakes up one morning near a corpse, after a night of alcohol-soaked parties.

Untitled sequel Gossip Girl – the series will take place eight years after the original site disappears when a new generation of young people will be the focus of Gossip Girl. The creators of the original series will also deal with the sequel.

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai – an animated series for adult audiences, a prequel to the eponymous 1984 movie.

Love Life – an anthology comedy that follows the love stories that individuals live throughout their lives. Anna Kendrick (A Simple Favor) will play the lead role in the first season of the production.

Made for Love – a comedy inspired by the book of the same name that tells the story of a woman who wants to get rid of her ex-husband – an IT billionaire – but discovers that he has implanted a tracking device in his brain.

Starstruck – co-produced with the BBC, the series follows the life of a young Londoner whose tormented life changes when he discovers he has had an affair with a famous person.

Station Eleven – also an adaptation of a book, the miniseries will tell the post-apocalyptic story of a group of survivors trying to rebuild the world they previously lived in and keep the best of it.

Tokyo Vice – Ansel Elgort will be the protagonist of the series, the story of an American journalist (Elgort) who infiltrates the Tokyo police to unmask the acts of corruption inside it.

Beyond the original series on the platform, HBO Max also signed for his first original film: Steven Thord Talk, produced by Steven Soderbergh, in which Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen, Gemma Chan, and Lucas Hedges were cast. The comedy will be centered on the story of a famous author who goes on a cruise with two old friends, along with a nephew of one of them. Beyond this comedy, Greg Berlanti will produce four films aimed at young audiences, and Reese Witherspoon will produce two films for the platform through her own company.


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