A new settlement in the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


It’s been three years since they filed for divorce, but they aren’t officially separated yet. However, Angelina and Brad have reached an agreement on the education of their 6 children together.

Pitt, a 56-year-old, filed documents with the Los Angeles Court of Justice, informing the judge that he and his former wife have now entered into an agreement on “Education and Transitional Support.”

While the eldest son, 18-year-old Maddox is now in college, the decision concerns his brothers Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shilo, 13 and 11, the Knox and Vivienne twins. Former spouses have decided on a more traditional form of ‘schooling’ for their children, given that five of them are still under the age of 18.

Another reason for this decision was, according to Angeline Jolie, the multicultural environments from which the children came

“I worry about the education of my children. I do school partly at home because they are from different parts of the world and it is very … I did not want to have the same education they had when they came from Vietnam or Cambodia. ”

Brad and Angelina broke up in 2016. Since then they have managed to reach an agreement regarding child custody, but not the financial element of the divorce.


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