A third Creed movie is being made


MGM is developing a third Creed movie, with screenwriter Zach Baylin committed to storytelling, writes Deadline. Baylin also signed the script for the biographical film King Richard, with Will Smith as the father and coach of sisters Venus and Serena Williams.

Michael B. Jordan is expected to reprise his role, that of Adonis Creed, the illegitimate son of the great champion Apollo Creed, a close friend of Rocky Balboa; other details – about the distribution or about the director have not yet been released. Sylvester Stallone announced in 2018 that he would not reprise the role of Rocky Balboa, although in both films Creed played a consistent role.

The first Creed movie, released in 2015, was praised by critics and audiences alike. He did something that seemed impossible: to reinvigorate the story of Rocky and to carry on the legacy of the name that wrote history while retaining the characteristic spirit of the series.

Creed deserves his name as Rocky VII, thanks to the charisma of Sylvester Stallone, who – beyond the respectable age – remembered the anger of the characters in his youth and perfectly complimented a young, muscular, angry Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) in the ring but lacking that one. Stallone’s lead. In fact, many things in the film paid tribute to the American world of the 1970s, with illegal boxing, dangerous streets, and boxing legends. And the path of the “little” Creed reminded him a lot of Rocky’s journey – training scenes in difficult conditions, running and racing in the snow – and not in modern rooms, as his opponents. There were a few Hollywood clich├ęs (the kids watching the boxers dream of the ring, the old and marginalized coach, the young and ambitious competitor), but the movie was loved by Rocky’s fans and beyond.

Creed II was a moderate success. In the sequel, Adonis enters the ring with Viktor Drago (played by the Romanian Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu). In the past, Rocky managed to defeat Ivan, Viktor’s father, in a historic match. After the failure, the Drago family retired to Ukraine, and Viktor was raised in poverty, with great shortages, which stimulates his desire for revenge. Rocky tries to warn Adonis about the situation, but the responsibility he feels is too great and he cannot stand aside, feeling that he must avenge his father.

Creed II brought back to the big screen Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the most important villain of the Rocky series, so we wonder how such a huge stake could be raised in the third film.


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