Actress Ashley Judd hospitalized after catastrophic injury in Congo’s rainforest


Actress Ashley Judd, known for her roles in films such as “Heat” and “Frida”, has revealed that she is hospitalized after a “catastrophic” injury in the rainforest of Congo.

Judd is currently recovering in a South African hospital after, she said in an online conversation with a New York Times editor on Friday, she risked losing her foot.

She said that during a hike that started before sunrise she did not see a fallen tree, she tripped over it and suffered an open fracture. Judd described the experience as “incredibly torturous.” She waited five hours lying on the ground before being taken to the hospital, then supported her upper tibia for six hours on a motorcycle ride.

“The difference between me and a person in the Congo is disaster insurance, which allowed me to reach an operating table in South Africa 55 hours after the accident,” she said from the bedside table. hospital.

The actress and activist regularly visit Congo and explained in an Instagram post that, although she is used to the area, “accidents happen”.

In a conversation with Nicholas Kristof, she stressed the need for donations to the United Nations Population Fund.


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