Actress Halle Berry has been a victim for several months of a man who wanted to steal from her house


It all began in January when 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin came to the Los Angeles-based home and began to change the locks of the house. He was surprised by the gardener and ran away.

In March, the man returned with a locksmith to resume the action. The staff of the star also announced the police, who asked the man to stop.

He said he was at his home and showed a document to prove what he was saying. According to TMZ, the individual is sure of what he says. He called the police and accused Halle Berry’s employees of violating their property.

Ronald Eugene Griffin had time to change a lock until he was detained by the cops.

Halle Berry told the police she does not know the man. On his part, the suspect assured himself that he did not know that Halle Berry is living in this house.

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