Actress Scarlett Johansson, about the freedom to choose roles


“I should be able to play any character, any tree or animal because that’s my profession and that’s the job,” the actress said.

Johansson added: “Political fairness in this area should exist for many reasons, but there are times when it is uncomfortable by affecting art since art must be free from any restrictions.” Society will be much more connected, attached if some will be allowed to have their own experiences, not to pretend that others feel like us. ”

In June, Johansson quit Rub & Tug, where he was cast as a transsexual man, inspired by the real story of Dante Tex Gill, a gangster and the owner of a massage parlor. “In the context of talks about my casting role as Dante Tex Gill, I decided to retire from this project,” she said.

In 2016, the actress was at the center of a controversy when she appeared in an adaptation of a famous Japanese cartoon “Ghost in the Shell”. Fans have been disappointed that a Japanese actor has not been given the lead role, accusing color discrimination. The film was poorly received by the audience.


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