After The Lion King success, Disney started working on the Bambi live-action


The Disney remake series continues, this time with another film in which we will see a tragic death — that of Bambi’s mother in the live-action remake announced by Disney Studios.

Working on the revival of the classic animations released in 1942 began. The film will be similar to The Lion King the most probably will try super-realistic depictions of animals. The only difference will consist in the fact that in Bambi human characters appear, which will make the production better fit in the “live-action” category.

As production is at the preliminary stage, too many details have not been disclosed.

Mulan is the upcoming live-action revival on the big screen of the company, with actress Liu Yifei as the holder (March 27, 2020). Lady and the Tramp’s live-action Reboot will launch on November 12th on the Disney + streaming service this year.


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