After three seasons “Lethal Weapon” canceled by FOX


Well, I finally got to this point – I was almost the last year when it was the scandal on the Fox plates that involved him and led to the dismissal of protagonist Clayne Crawford but caught in the middle of a fusion with Disney, decided to renew Lethal Weapon with new episodes and introduce Cole’s character, played by Seann William Scott.

In spite of the poor chance of renewal and the constantly shifting statements of Damon Wayans (who give up after 13 episodes of S3 – he does not give up and stay – accepts a season 4), the scriptwriters have finished season 3 with a big cliffhanger going on we remain with the question – what next?

Lethal Weapon joins formerly cancellations by Fox The Gifted, The Passage, Rel and The Cool Kids.

Lethal Weapon: TV adaptation of the famous Lethal Weapon franchises, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, the new project features Martin Riggs, Texan policeman and a former NAVY Seal, looking for a new start after the death of his wife and child or. Arriving in Los Angeles, Riggs will team up with LAPD with detective Roger Murtaugh, who in turn has recently returned to the department after a heart attack suffered, which now has to avoid stress and tense situations at all costs.

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