Aladdin, Disney live action: Positive impressions after first viewing


Just a few weeks after Dumbo’s release, a new Disney live action adaptation is about to enter cinemas. After a grueling promotion, due to the negative comments received, in a first phase, the image of the new “the spirit of the lamp” – a Will Smith not sufficiently covered by the visual effects – most of the first reactions of bloggers and profile journalists are positive.

 “I’d say it’s Disney’s second most successful remake after Pete’s Dragon. Successfully check out fantasy musical adventure, jokes are successful, Smith’s “Spirit” has a lot of fun, the main characters have charm. It’s 20 minutes longer than it should have, but for the rest it all fits perfectly. The final sequences with Will Smith are very fun! “Writes on his Twitter account and film blogger Andrew Jones.

“I can assure you that much of your worries about Aladdin, especially Will Smith, will be scattered when the first major musical sequence sounds. But the title of the “hottest character” has to go back to Billy Magnussen (Prince Andrews’s interpreter, red.). It could be a genius of the comedy in the making, “says Rory Cashin, a journalist at Irish publisher Joe.

“About Alladin – it’s a lush, but not enough, stage retreat to recreate” A New World Completely Successfully”

Meen Massoud and Naomi Scott are great, and Will Smith brings a funny note to the Lamp Spirit approach, even if the CGI does not help him as he should. The less we say about Jafar, the better, “says


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