Aladdin will have a sequel


With $ 900 million in the international box office, the live-action adaptation of the Aladdin animation convinced Disney to consider the production of a sequel.

The site claims that Aladdin 2 has already been put on the company’s list of future projects. The plan is to adapt the continuation of 1994’s The Return of Jafar, in which the villain sets up a revenge plan. But the problem could come from the protagonist, for the character Jafar was the least appreciated in Guy Ritchie’s film.

The fans of the classical story believed Marfan Kenzari, the Jafar performer, was not at all well-chosen; if in animation the antagonist was a grim, frightening, cunning character, the new Jafar was noticed by the lack of charisma and the intimidating attitude.


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