Alain Delon suffered a stroke and a “mild” stroke and is recovering in a clinic in Switzerland


He is resting in a clinic in Switzerland, his eldest son, Anthony Delon, has announced. The vital functions are “perfect and his condition stable, according to the doctors,” he said.

“My father suffered a stroke and a slight stroke,” Anthony Delon told AFP. “He was operated on at the Pitié-Salpétriere hospital, where he was hospitalized for three weeks for care. The whole family was with him, my brother, my sister, and my mother, Nathalie.”

“His functions were perfect and his condition stabilized, according to doctors, he was able to go to Switzerland and recover in a clinic. My sister, who now lives in Switzerland, is closely following her recovery and keeps us up to date with her daily progress,” concluded Delon’s son.

In mid-June, close friends of Alain Delon told AFP that the actor was admitted to the American hospital in Neuilly “for dizziness and apparently minor headaches”. “Symptoms probably caused by cardiac arrhythmias suffered by the actor,” the source said.

Film legend, Alain Delon received an honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes this year, handed to him by his daughter, Anouchka. Extremely emotional, the actor had a speech with testamentary accents, talking about “a posthumous tribute, but received alive”


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