Alita: Battle Angel – Movie Review


Alita - Battle Angel

I recommend giving this movie a chance due to the intense build up of the story, which was easy to follow and gave me nothing to get confused upon. A key thing to note is unlike many movies of this age, the humour in Alita: battle angel felt natural and did not feel forced in any way.

While she begins to learn pieces of her past life, there are moments where the reactions of other characters become somewhat predictable. This is not wholly a detractor as a number of these moments are rather delightful.

However, the main characters perform well and are easily relatable in their own weird way. Both Christoph Waltz and Jennifer Connelly’s characters have their own secrets and surprises that are revealed over time that add to the interest of their respective roles, providing a few “ah-ha” moments that make the story more interesting.

This is the best adaption Manga Hollywood Movie I’ve ever seen. Robert Rodriguez did his best for this movie and this is his best movie. the story line was incredible. All the character match with their own character specially Alita. Love it. I love the way this movie present its own beauty. Highly Recomended movie !! So, Worth to watch. Don’t miss it.

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