All about The Queens Gambit the most-watched Netflix miniseries


One month after its launch, the miniseries became the most-watched Netflix production, being watched in the first 28 days since its launch on 62 million accounts, the company said.

Netflix also said of “The Queens Gambit” that it is in the Top 10 in 92 countries and in first place in 63 countries, including the United Kingdom, Argentina, Israel, and South Africa.

Beth Harmon (played by Isla Johnston in childhood and Anya Taylor-Joy in adolescence and adulthood), an orphaned eight-year-old girl, sad and unable to find her place in a world where no one notices her. Until one day, when Beth plays chess for the first time. Then, the gloomy little girl feels that everything is clear, that she thinks clearly and, for the first time in her life, she feels that she has something under control. By the age of sixteen, Beth becomes a competitor in the United States chess championship, she is improving, and people talk about her genius, although, being a girl, she is viewed with suspicion. She also has to face the fact that, at the American championships, the best chess players came from outside the United States (in this story, her great rival is a Russian), which made it difficult to recognize the local champions. As her abilities increase and her stakes increase, Beth feels trapped in her own world, and the most appropriate escape seems to be alcohol. The drama of the champion more and more pressured to surpass his own performances, but also the disorientation of the orphan child, ignored by all, are described extraordinarily expressively in the book that inspired the series.


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