Amanda Seyfried could have been Gamora in the MCU


Actress Amanda Seyfried, best known for her Mamma mia !, revealed that she refused to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if it did not directly name the role offered, the reference is quite clear.

“I refused the role once and they didn’t call me again. It was a heavy offer, but I do not regret the decision, because I do not want to spend six months of the year dressed in green. I tell great stories, and my daughter is obsessed with superheroes, so one part of me would have liked to accept the role, but the other party said that I must have a life and that I won’t be happy with myself like that. ”, Seyfried explained.

For many actors, the decision to enter into a contract with Marvel is not easy to make, partly because it requires them in full and for several years in a row. Gamora’s role was not an easy one because of the many hours of makeup before the filming, which was told by the one who then received the role, Zoe Saldana.

Seyfried also mentioned that she is not too happy with the way the filming of the films with superheroes takes place. “It’s a much more satisfying scene where you shoot with a real person, the actions of the characters are realistic and they discuss life, as it is,” she said.

The actress’s comments were part of an interview promoting her latest film, the comedy-drama The Art of Racing in the Rain, in which she plays alongside Milo Ventimiglia.


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