Amazon prepares a series inspired by the College years of actress Sandra Bullock


Bullock will be an executive producer along with Akiva Goldsman and John Legend and K.C. Perry (“Constance”, “The Originals”) who will write the script.

The series is described as a comedy-drama whose action is placed in a world of music and dance in the South America of the 1980s.

The idea of ​​making this series came from a conversation between Bullock and Goldsman.

Sandra Bullock, born July 26, 1964, is an actress and producer. Known for romantic comedy roles such as “While You Were Sleeping,” “Miss Congeniality,” and “The Proposal,” she was rewarded with an Oscar for her role in the biographical drama “The Blind Side” (2009). She was nominated for “Gravity” (2013), and most recently starred in “Ocean’s Eight” (2018) and “Bird Box” (2018).

Akiva Goldsman was awarded a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the A Beautiful Mind (2001), and John Legend with an Oscar for the best original song – “Glory” – composed for the movie “Selma” (2014).

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