Angelina Jolie is training hard for Thena role in The Eternals


Angelina Jolie

In an interview with People magazine, Angelina Jolie said that Thena’s role in the upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals is quite physically demanding, which is why she needs a lot of training to reach expectations.

“What moved me was what my children said, that they wanted me to be strong; so they are glad when they see me that I train hard for this movie and I feel good. Thena is a warrior. And I do my best to represent it as it should be, ”the actress said.

In addition to physical training, Jolie also learns to fight swords.

“I will have to work 10 times more, because that means being part of the MCU, being part of this family; we know what awaits us, we know what your expectations are and we will give everything to honor them ”, added the star.

According to the comics, Thena was born in Olympia of Ancient Greece – a member of the superhuman race The Eternals, representatives of the gods of Olympus on Earth.

The movie, directed by Chloe Zhao, will be released on November 8, 2020. For the role of the power-hungry Drug antagonist, in conflict with his cousin, Ikaris, Keanu Reeves is a favorite.


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