Black Monday renewed by Showtime


Black Monday

Nearly one month after the end of the first series, Showtime decided to renew the original Black Monday drama with 10 new episodes for the second season. With a premiere scheduled for 2020, filming will take place later this year.

Black Monday takes us over time, more precisely on October 19, 1987, a day written in history with the name Black Monday, a name due to the biggest losses registered by the stock exchange and the Wall Street stock market. With a mysterious mystery story through the lack of knowledge of what really happened in that fatidy day for the global economy, the new Showtime project shows how a group of outsiders stormed elitist lifestyles and what had the best of them offered, eventually collapsing the largest economic system, a Lamborghini, Don Henley’s birthday party, and some gender/sexist barriers.

Gary Levine, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc. said:

“Black Monday mines big comedy from the greed, the style, the music, and the excess of the ’80s, but it’s also sneaky smart in its social commentary about that era – and indirectly, our current era as well. We can’t wait to see what inspired depravity David and Jordan will cook up in season two.”

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