Black Widow filming began


The first pictures from the Norwegian plazas of Marvel Black Widow’s production reached the online environment. Scarlett Johansson resumes her score that has kept her in the audience’s attention in recent years, that of Natasha Romanoff; the images, published by, show a hostile landscape, perhaps the place where the elite agent is trained.

The official synopsis has not yet been released, only a few details about the story, namely that Natasha Romanoff is taken over by the KGB and raised to become his best agent. The dissolution of the Soviet Union is trying to eliminate it. The action then moves to contemporary New York, where Romanova begins to act on his own.

The author of the script is Jac Schaeffer. Directed by Cate Shortland (Lore), Johansson joins David Harbor (Hellboy), Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family), Rachel Weisz (The Favorite) and O.T. Fagbenle (The Handmaid’s Tale).

Taking into account the events in Avengers: Endgame, the movie could be a prequel, and some rumors in May this year place Black Widow after the events in Captain America: Civil War. In the movie of 2016, following the destruction of Ultron, the nations of the world are becoming more concerned about the destructive potential of the Avengers, so they are pushing the United States to sign the Sokovia Treaty, which would limit the actions of the superheroes.

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