Blindspot strikes again with a new season


And when you thought he was down and no longer seeing a renewal, NBC out of the sleeve and announced the renewal of Blindspot with a new and last season. 5. The decision is somewhat surprising if we consider that the show has been removed currently in the job grid, the three episodes remaining in the current season are due to run from May 24. Ratings are not even the best, the constant grid shift seen in the decline of the audience, S4 being at an average of approx. 4.9 million viewers. For the moment, there is no real information, but there are rumors that Season 5 will be one with a low order episode, up to 13, if not fewer.

A hit title at the time of release, Blindspot managed to receive two Emmy, 2017 and 2018 nominees in the Outstanding Stunt Coordination category. Currently, NBC is working with Netflix for the full international distribution of the title.

Blindspot: Action begins with finding a woman without memories, stripped of Times Square and having the body covered with tattoos. The discovery draws the attention of FBI agents who will follow the road described by tattoos, revealing a conspiracy of crimes and other atrocities. Following this path, every clue brings them closer to finding out the identity of Jane Doe.

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