Bloodshot, a cyborg like a Terminator – Trailer


Ray Garrison / Bloodshot, a deceased soldier, is brought back to life by an armament distributor, Rising Spirit Technologies, with the help of nanotechnology, in the new official Bloodshot trailer. The hero in the mission looks like a cyborg-like a Terminator.

The former soldier will be turned into a killing machine, we see in the trailer. Ray suffers a total loss of memory and begins to develop new and amazing skills. Triumph of biometric engineering, the character has improved nanotechnological blood that gives him speed, agility and self-healing abilities. Bloodshot can also control electrical equipment and access computers by touch.

From the trailer, we see that Bloodshot benefits from strength, speed, endurance, agility, and reflexes. His body regenerates rapidly, can change its appearance, is unbeatable in melee combat, is equipped with energy weapons and has telekinetic capabilities.

From the comics we know that Ray Garrison is, in fact, the victim of a crime, being killed – but not accidentally – in the mission. Trying to understand what kind of weapon he has become, Ray struggles to reconnect with his past … begins to acquire flashbacks of his previous life and begins to take revenge, only to find himself in the midst of a larger conspiracy; is assisted in this endeavor by a team of comrades with the code name Chainsaw, with similar powers.


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