Brie Larson about the most difficult moment shooting Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
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It could have been one of the action scenes, but the real challenge came from a cat. Even if he is a Goose cat fan – the feline sympathy seems to be one of the major attraction points of the film – Larson had to spend as little time as possible with her on the shooting platforms.

“I’m not just a little allergic to cats – I’m very, very allergic,” said the actress, who had to resort to specific drugs to deal with feline scenes.

“It became so, a joke, because the shooting team had seen me the day before doing all kinds of crazy stunts. I hanged the string 15 meters above the ground, I jumped to the height in the first week. I threw a person through a judo movement on a moving train on the second day of filming. But when the cat appeared on the set, I said, “We need a plan! We have to talk.” I saw flying cat hair all over, and in just 10 minutes I had a severe irritation, ” said Brie Larson.

Carol Danvers also had a cat in Captain Marvel comics. Her name was Chewie, and she was more than a pet. He was a Flerken, a very intelligent alien with a series of unusual abilities, like “space-time pockets” in which he could store things differently. In Captain Marvel, the cat is called Goose, according to the character of the Top Gun (a film that has also served as a source of inspiration for pilots and combat planes).


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