Brie Larson contract with MCU has seven movies

Brie Larson, Captain Marvel's performer in the Marvel/Marvel Cinematic Universe, has signed with the studio a seven-movies contract.


A rumor about the number of films in which Lason will wear the superhero costume also appeared in the autumn of 2018 when the actress avoided confirming how many productions he signed to participate. After making his entry to UCM through Captain Marvel (released this year, March 8) and returning to Avengers: Endgame, Larson would appear in five other productions.

As the producers keep silent about the future of the characters that will continue the Marvel series, fans have given some assumptions about the possible appearances of Captain Marvel: in a Guardians of the Galaxy film (the heroine has for a while been making a connection with the Avengers) in a Nova movie (about which Kevin Feige recently said that they are likely to enter Marvel’s plans) or, most likely, in a movie Ms. Marvel (a former admirer of Captain Marvel, also becoming superhero).

Larson received $ 5 million for Captain Marvel’s story, 3 million more than Chadwick Boseman’s salary for Black Panther (2018) and ten times more than Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man in 2008 ( which, however, due to the popularity enjoyed by his person, but also to the Marvel movies in which he appeared, soon came to huge pay).

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