Brooklyn Nine-Nine, renewed by NBC

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With just seven episodes of the current season, NBC has managed to become the favorite television of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, the station’s announcement announcing the renewal of the comedy with new episodes related to the Season 7.

Renewal is all the more surprising as with no one after the fans were campaigning to save the show after Fox had decided to cancel it. After three days of tremolo, the title was acquired by NBC just to announce a short season order, enough for fans to say goodbye to Jake & CO. and find out if Holt eventually received the much-dreamed post. It did not take long, and NBC later announced an extension of the initial order to 18 episodes. Despite the new events, the presentation of a young version for Scully and Hitchcock, and Gina’s departure from the cast, Brooklyn Nine-Nine managed to stabilize at an average rating of ~ 3.9 million viewers, nearly a million more than it did in last season at Fox, becoming one of the strongest titles in the portfolio.

With 11 remaining episodes of the current season, there is currently no information on the exact command for Season 7 or what other surprises await us – but what we can count on is Doug Judy’s comeback tradition.


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