Chambers new tv project by Netflix


Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwin - Chambers TV Show

With a 10-episode order, after a script signed by Leah Rachel and having Akela Cooper famous for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Chambers presents the story of a young woman who has survived a heart attack, now crushed by the mystery that surrounds them the new heart and its donor. Things seem to get more complicated by getting closer to finding the truth and the circumstances in which it died, but what is more sinister is that the more it learns.

Netflix representatives have announced today that Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn are the first actors to be attached to the project, with new names coming to be communicated to us in the coming period.

Uma Thurman – Nancy Lefevre: Becky’s mother, the young donor of the heart, begins to develop a relationship with the person whose organ was transplanted, gradually discovering that her daughter may not be as dead as she thought.

Tony Goldwyn – Ben Lefevre: Nancy’s husband and Becky’s daddy, Ben is a charismatic, philanthropist and a fine businessman. Buried in El Paso and working hard to earn his reputation today, he distributes much of his assets to the Foundation Annex, a new age-old spiritual center. After the death of his daughter, Ben is totally committed to the case in Annex.



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