Charlize Theron, Long Shot: “Charlotte is the kind of woman who knows what she means for a guy”


This time Charlize Theron is teaming up with Seth Rogen, alongside which he performs special chemistry in her role-playing role.

“For me to have a chance to play a role like this comedy is a reason for joy, because Charlotte is not the kind of woman who forgets everything she is for a guy,” says Charlize Theron about his character , not before she adds: “She is a woman of our day who is crushed by the conflict many women face when juggling with job responsibilities, ideas, and personal life. She thinks it’s really the reason why you want her and Fred to be together. They both go through a difficult time and make important decisions, “the actress concluded.

Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is one of the most influential women in the world. Intelligent, sophisticated and professional, it has an important diplomatic role, but more than anything, it has almost everything. On the other hand, Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) is a talented and independent journalist with an attraction for problems.

The two have nothing in common except the fact that she was once given her first love. Their haphazard encounter makes Charlotte recall the ideals of her youth and love his naive humor. Under the impetus of this moment, she engages him as the writer of the speeches during the campaign for her US presidency nomination. Unable to enter her lush world, Fred is outside the comfort zone. However, their attraction gains ground, and their approach becomes more and more evident as they travel around the world and face unexpected incidents.


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