Chris Hemsworth talks about how he will become Hulk Hogan


Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is waiting for him for a long period of intense training for the biopic in which he will play Hulk Hogan. The actor was announced in roles in February and spoke for the first time with Balance Magazine.

“I will need a long time to prepare for this role because of physical requirements. And it’s something you certainly can not do without total involvement. But it will be very fun. The transformation will be remarkable and I’m anxious for what’s next, “he said.

Hemsworth also explained how the project was born after an idea by Todd Phillips, who will be at his helm.

“We’ve talked about the project with Todd Phillips. He came up with the idea and originally had to be a TV series. But we surfaced one day in new ideas and ideas, and we became excited about what could be done. The script of the film is not yet ready, we are still working on it, we are in a preliminary phase of the project, “the 35-year-old Australian points out.

The script – which will portray the early years of the famous wrestler and actor, bypassing the controversies that have overshadowed his career – deals with Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter, the future Joker film). Even Hogan considered Hemsworth fit to portray him in a possible biographical film, as he said in an interview in 2013: “It takes a serious actor who knows what he is doing. Do you know who would be right? That guy from Thor action movie, “he said.

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