Christian Bale explains why the fourth movie The Dark Knight was not made


In an interview with Toronto Sun, Christian Bale revealed that Warner Bros. they expressed interest in continuing the franchise after The Dark Knight Rises (2012), but failed to move on with its fourth part because of a deal the star made with director Christopher Nolan.

“When Warner directors approached me and told me they had a fourth and fourth film in the series, I refused to participate. I told them we had to respect the dream of Chris [Nolan, n. Red.], Who hoped for a trilogy and wanted things to stay on this level. I suggested to them that it would be better not to extend further, that it would not be a responsible gesture. After this meeting, I was informed that they no longer needed my services ”, said the star, slightly amused.

In fact, the actor mentioned that neither trilogy was from the beginning in the books. The studio has decided to go ahead with a sequel despite the poor results achieved by Batman Begins (2005) at the box office. The film grossed $ 373.4 million internationally, at a budget of $ 150 million.

“When, after the first movie, they called me and told me I agree with the sequel it was fantastic. We thought we would never have such an opportunity. Then they asked for the third one. But Chris had already decided that if we had the chance to reach the third part, we would stop, ”said Bale.

Nolan is now working on an original production, Tenet, which will be released next year in July. Christian Bale can be seen alongside Matt Damon in The Great Challenge: Le Mans ’66, which entered November 15 in our cinemas.


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