Christian Bale will be the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder


Thor: Love and Thunder will be the last adventure in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and bring a villain as the long-awaited apotheotic ending, a villain played by Christian Bale. The film will, therefore, come to a conclusion for Thor, the character of Chris Hemsworth, who will be replaced by a new God of Thunder, played by Natalie Portman.

The actor played the god in four Avengers films and three Thor productions. He also appeared in Doctor Strange. Thor 4 concludes Phase 4 of the MCU by preparing what will happen for Phase 5 and possibly announcing major events and conflicts for the Avengers team. That is why the role of the villain in this latest film is crucial and only an actor of Bale’s caliber could fulfill the role.

Christian Bale’s character comes after Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, the best negative hero built in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So the pole is very high, and Bale must overcome this high threshold set by the one who exterminated half of the universe. Bale could play minotaur Dario Agger in Thor 4 or Beta Ray Bill, who owns a hammer from Odin himself, in both cases being about creating the negative hero on the computer, as in the case Thanos or Hulk.

Earlier reports link Bale with an “alien or otherworldly” character: Gorr – “the butcher of the gods”, Gladiator – Galactus’s messenger and Michael Korvac, a feared enemy of Doctor Strange. However, we need to find out what character Christian Bale will play.


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