Coroner – TV Review



Coroner tells the story of Dr. Jenny Cooper, a tough doctor investigating suspicious deaths in Toronto. The story of the investigated cases is based on reality, Jenny is a nowadays lawyer, a mediator in the relationship with death, even when this disturbs others and a defender of those who are powerless or in great danger.

The show is a series of forensic investigations with a female character starring Jenny Cooper – played by Serinda Swan (Inhumans, Ballers) – a new investigator investigating suspicious deaths in Toronto. After the death of his husband, the former doctor from the guard room tries to start a new life with his son and overcome the pain and anxiety due to a secret that crushes her. Elucidation of suspect deaths and difficult cases is not an easy task at all, but she is determined to discover the truth regardless of consequences, even if it involves the disclosure of a dark secret of the past.

“She is a stunning, complicated and lively woman. She is a woman of our times. We pursue her as a mother, a coroner and a current woman, we follow her love life and fight with anxiety. Exactly this wonderful and heroic struggle has led me to love this character, “Adrienne Mitchell, director of the series, said.

Coroner is produced by Muse Entertainment, Back Alley Films and Cineflix Studios, and Morwyn Brebner (Rookie Blue, Saving Hope) is the creator and executive producer.


Watch the trailer below:


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