Daisy Ridley confirmed, she will not appear in the next Star Wars trilogy


The star of the Star Wars franchise, actress Daisy Ridley, said it would not appear in the next trilogy in the series. Ray’s performer confirmed this in an interview with buzzfeed.com, where he also mentioned that the following films will explore different stories.

“I can tell you I will not be in the next trilogy. I think Rian Johnson has mentioned this more than once. Anyway, I think it was also mentioned that in the future a separate history will be considered. So I will not be there anymore, “Ridley said.

In another interview, for vulture.com, the star also mentioned that he would not even imagine franchising after the events in Rising of Skywalker, but it all depends on how they choose to explore the universe bidder.

“The end of the Rising of Skywalker is … very satisfactory. That’s how it felt like a final. I do not know what will happen in a few years. There are so many characters in the Star Wars world that have never been explored. Producers have so much work material! But right now, no, I’m not thinking of a comeback. But you have no way to know … Maybe that opportunity will be created. I love the fact that the movie has not even been released and people are already asking me “What would you say to continue the franchise?” For now, I think the Skywalker saga has benefited from a full and agreeable end, “the actress explained.

Daisy Ridley debuted in the famous SF series with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). His character, Rey, turned into an unusual and powerful Jedi fighter, his power of manipulation of the Force being of great help in the fight with Kylo Ren.


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