Demi Moore, in a new movie produced by Michael Bay


Songbird, a thriller produced by Michael Bay, starring Craig Robinson as the color hero and Demi Moore as the antagonist, has attracted the attention of several European distributors in the virtual film market at the Cannes Film Festival, Variety reports.

The action in the film takes place in 2022 when the Earth is affected by a pandemic caused by a constantly mutating virus. Robinson plays a man immune to the virus who works as a delivery man, constantly traveling in a city strictly divided according to social classes. The hero is desperate to reach his girlfriend in isolation, but for that, he has to face an influential family led by the character of Demi Moore.

Variety describes the film as a combination of Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, but we don’t understand how this combination reconciles with the synopsis above. The film is directed by Adam Mason (Into the Dark) and should begin filming in Los Angeles as soon as possible, using innovative filming techniques to comply with social distance measures.


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