Disney is considering two versions of Deadpool for the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Disney is looking for the optimal solution to relaunch at UCM the “big mouth mercenary” played by Ryan Reynolds. It looks like the studio is planning to go ahead with two versions of Deadpool – one for minors, which will be integrated into the Marvel movie series, and the other addressed to the adult audience (on its own), to maintain the success of previous productions. in which the antihero evolved.

With the passing of 20th Century Fox into Disney ownership, fans of the character feared that to adapt to the political correctness climate of the Avengers franchise, it would be censored. If Disney President Bob Iger has made assurances that adult Deadpool films will continue under the aegis of the company, Deadpool 2 director David Leitch thinks the character’s adventures should not continue in the same way, and that the tone is irreverent. and violence could be adjusted to fit a wider audience.

However, Deadpool 2’s once-in-a-lifetime version of Deadpool – released in December last year, has sparked mixed reactions from critics and audiences, and at the box office, it has collected less than half of Deadpool 2’s revenue.

Variety also mentions that Marvel President Kevin Feige is interested in raising the level of Fantastic Four and X-Men productions. The news is not exactly good for The New Mutants, which the studio believes would have limited potential at the box office.


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