Disney is preparing a spin-off Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s most successful remakes – it has exceeded $ 1 billion in revenue – so the studios announced shortly after its 2017 release of a movie sequel. The project has not materialized yet, but the idea of ​​revisiting that fantastic universe has remained and has turned into a spin-off that, the famous studio wants to bring to the big screens.

The story is, in fact, a prequel, which will bring back Dan Stevens (Beast) on the set, but not Emma Watson (Belle’s interpreter). The script will focus on the years before Belle’s arrival at the castle, years in which the former prince, proud and cruel, spent them as a “beast”.

The Deadline site mentioned in 2017 that Disney abandoned the idea of ​​a continuation of the love story between Belle and Beast, but at that time there was also a spin-off in which the central character was Belle’s insistent character, Gaston (Luke Evans). It is possible, however, that he would be introduced to this prequel that was now being considered by the studio – a rivalry between Gaston and Bestie even before Belle’s arrival at the castle could be presented.

Following the release of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the following Disney remakes with release date are Lady and the Tramp (release November 12, on Disney +), Mulan (March 27, 2020) and Cruella (May 28, 2021).


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