Disney unveiled the first image of the live-action movie “Lady and the Tramp”


Disney revealed this week a first image of the live-action remake “Lady and the Tramp” featuring the two protagonists whose voice is voiced by actors Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.

The cast includes singer and actress Janelle MonĂ¡e, Sam Elliott and Benedict Wong.

According to People magazine, rescue dogs have been hired to play the main characters in the feature film.

The famous spaghetti kiss sequence was recreated with real dogs.

A trailer will be presented at D23, the big Disney convention that will take place at the end of the month.

This film, made by Charlie Bean, will be released on November 12, on the Disney + streaming platform, released by the studio. The classic movie “Lady and the Tramp” was released by Walt Disney Studios in 1955.

Disney will “reimagine” the famous “Home Alone” Christmas movie for the Disney + streaming service, but also “Night at the Museum”, “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.


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