Doctor Strange 2 could bring Wolverine


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 2 could bring Wolverine to the big screen; however, the latter will not be played by Hugh Jackman.

Rumors about who might or might not appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness exploded with the release of the new trailer. The number of ideas about who will appear in the sequel has increased due to the clues about Professor X, a new Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic.

Wolverine is now suspected of appearing in the film. For many, the only suitable role for Wolverine is Hugh Jackman, but considering that he last played the character in Logan, it is almost certain that Wolverine will not be played by Hugh Jackman, but the character may return because the multi-universe allows it. Fans have given birth to all sorts of theories about who will play the role, in the first place in their preference, it’s Daniel Radcliffe.

At the same time, we will not see Patrick Stewart resuming his role as Charles Xavier or Professor X, although the famous actor has chosen to act like Andrew Garfield and deny any involvement.


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