Dougray Scott joins ‘Batwoman’

Dougray Scott
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Batwoman’s distribution grows out of sight, Dougray Scott being the newest addition to The CW. The actor joined Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten & CO. on Vancouver’s filming platforms, and he would play no other than Jacob Kane, Kate’s father, and Bruce’s uncle.

Jacob Kane is at the helm of private security firm The Crows, aiming to protect the city better than the Black Knight ever did. It goes without saying that he does not agree with the shadow justice judges who play according to his own rules, so it will not take long before he strikes the new protector of Gotham, Batwoman (who happens to be his daughter).

With countless films in his portfolio, the small screen could be tracked recently in the Departure and the second season in Snatch.

It is also worth mentioning a change made in the production team at the helm of the project as a director coming to Marcos Siega, who replaces David Nutter, having to withdraw because of personal problems. Nutter continues to remain attached to the project as an executive producer.

Kate Kane watches the dark streets like Batwoman, a well-trained combatant to deal with the dangers of the famous city, and now seem to rebuke horror among Gotham residents. But we can not call her hero yet – in a city in desperate need of a rescue hero, Kate must first overcome his own demons before becoming a symbol of hope for Gotham.

Production team: Caroline Dries (screenwriter / EP), Greg Berlanti (EP), David Nutter (EP), Sarah Schechter (EP), Geoff Johns (EP)
Cast: Ruby Rose, Meagan Tandy, Camus Johnson, Nicole Kang, Rachel Skarsten, Dougray Scott


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