During the shootings at the GoT, Jason Momoa lived for a while in a van


Even if it seems hard to believe, Aquaman’s now-star had to take his van for a while. It’s about a break of the first season of Game of Thrones, in which he starred as Khal Drogo.

The actor confessed in a post on his Instagram account that until he was paid for his role in the recent series, he realized he did not have enough money to come back home in the United States, so he rented a van together with a “good friend” – Brian Andrew Mendoza, at the helm of Pride of Gypsies. They made the tour of “beautiful and wonderful” Ireland in search of the next best beer glass, which turned out to be “the best” everywhere.

“So many great people have met and so many wonderful stories ever since! They were simple moments, but I remember most of them,” Momoa said.

The actor had a more difficult time after the end of the Game of Thrones filming, because most of the agents had the feeling, because of the violent Khal Drogo – communicating in Dothraki – that he did not even know English. Distribution in Aquaman saved his career and raised him to “star” status. In addition, the blockbuster has raised $ 14 million in its accounts.


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