Everything about ‘Riverdale’ spinoff

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After spending time in Riverdale, it’s time Josie McCoy gave New York a chance, or better, to give her a chance. The CW confirmed at the Television Critics Association winter tour that actress Ashleigh Murray leaves your Riverdale team and joins Katie Keene’s spin-off distribution and recently announced Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan.

According to the official description, the project presents the lives of four characters from Archie Comics, including Josie McCoy and Katy Keene, one of the names that will revolutionize the world of fashion. Presented as a musical valency, the project follows the adventures of the four in the grandiose New York and the road to fulfilling dreams, whether we are talking about the podium, Broadway or the competitive music industry.

Josie McCoy: Leaving behind 20-year-old Riverdale, Josie decides it’s time to follow her dream of becoming a famous singer like Diane Ross, moving to the great New York City. Arriving here and trying to make the best decisions about his future, the young woman brings in new friends and new romances, until the day he becomes the star that he was meant to become.

Jorge/Ginger Lopez: During the day working at the family store in the evening, Jorge’s alter ego, Ginger comes alive as a bartender at a club in New York where he sings from time to time. Still small, Jorge wanted to reach Broadway, and now he is convinced to take his career to a whole new level.

Pepper Smith: Beyond the benefits and lifestyle offered by New York’s status, Pepper wants to open his own Andy Warhol Factory. Beyond the brilliance of the displayed life, nobody really knows where Pepper’s money is, or if he really does.

It is worth mentioning that within the same panel dedicated to The CW included in the TCA Winter Press Tour program, Mark Pedowitz, the presidential chairman said there would be no crossover and no episodes in the current season in Riverdale to introduce the spin-off characters, clarifying that the events of Katy Keene will be a few years old at the Riverdale High School, and it’s also an older cast, the characters somewhere over 20 years old. If one of the characters presented in Riverdale is about to appear in Katy Keene, it will be a more mature and older version.


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