“Fam”, “Life in Pieces” and “Happy Together” canceled by CBS


It did not take long for CBS to make the final decision, the station officials announcing the cancellation of Life in Pieces, Happy Together, Fam and Murphy Brown’s comeback, a revival thought at first instance as an event series.

Without much motivation, the cancellation was decided on the ratings, none of the comedies being able to exceed the average of 5.5 million viewers, far too small for CBS.

Fam: The new comedy project presents the story of Clem, a woman whose vision of perfect life with her fiancé and wonderful parents is completely overwhelmed when her stepfather, a rebellious teenager aged 16, comes to live with them. Between his family and the one he chose, Clem realizes that this combination of the two can be the happy family he has always wanted.

Life in Pieces: A new comedy that tells the story of an extended family through the different perspectives of its members. While the young man, Greg and his wife, Jen copes with the new challenges that came with the birth of his first child, Matt finds himself half, Colleen, and Big sister Heather tries to accept the idea of ​​leaving the big son to college and the fact that Gradually the house will remain empty, their parents, Joan and John are next to each other doing everything possible to help them as long as they agree with their decisions and advice.


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