Filming at Aquaman 2 in danger


Aquaman star is joined by hundreds of Hawaiian protesters who oppose the construction of a massive telescope on Mauna Kea, the highest mountain peak in Hawaii, USA. Jason Momoa has been protesting with the native population of Hawaii (where he originated) for several weeks, for the desire to “protect the way of life of the inhabitants and the natural resources of the place as a whole,” he said in a comment on his account. his Instagram.

“This will not happen. We won’t let you do that anymore. So far! Go elsewhere, “he said. The actor encouraged his fans to support the protest movement and even sent a message to his employers – half ironically – explaining his unavailability: “I’m sorry, Warner Bros., we can’t film Aquaman 2. Because Jason was trampled by a bulldozer in an attempt to stop the desecration of his place of origin. ”

Mauna Kea, an inactive volcano with a height of 4207 meters and an estimated one million years old, is considered a sacred place – the place where many of the ancestors of the island’s ancestors were buried. There are already several astronomical observers on the mountain. The current one, called the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), will cost $ 1.4 billion and is the project of a group of universities in California and Canada (with partners from China, India, and Japan). According to Momoa’s post, the new telescope would be four times larger than the rest of the ones built on the island.

The Supreme Court of Hawaii approved in 2018, after many years of protests and legal battles, the telescope construction permit, a project that would last until 2027 and which, according to the protesters, would further affect the ecological balance of the area, but also the traditions and culture of the natives. According to The New York Post, if TMT construction is not possible in Hawaii, there is the possibility of relocating to La Palma from the Canary archipelago (Spain).

And actor Dwayne Johnson has spoken out about the telescope’s construction. He visited Mauna Kea last month and said, via Hawaii News Now: “Obviously I have been following this topic for several years – and things have grown big recently. But when you come here, you realize it’s more than a telescope. It’s about humanity. About culture. About people, about the Polynesian people, who are willing to give their lives to protect this land. The land is as sacred as possible. ”

Of course, Momoa will not be able to delay filming at Aquaman 2 too much, due to contractual obligations. The film is set for release on December 16, 2022. The first Aquaman movie had $ 1.15 billion in box office revenue and was directed by James Wan.


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