Francis Ford Coppola, rewarded with the Lumiere honorary trophy


Francis Ford Coppola, the five-time Oscar winner, will be rewarded with the Lumière honorary trophy at the festival that will take place in Lyon (France) from October 12th to October 20th. Among those who have received this distinction over the years are Jane Fonda, Wong Kar-Wai, Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodóvar, Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino.

The Lumière Festival was initiated by Cannes Film Festival general delegate Thierry Frémaux and by the filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier through the Lumière Institute.

As part of the tribute to Coppola, the trilogy “Godfather” will be projected.

On Coppola, Frémaux described him as “a giant of cinema” and a professional who dared to venture beyond the walk.

Francis Ford Coppola, born on April 7, 1939, in Detroit, is one of the world’s most prominent and influential film directors and producers and has been rewarded with five Academy Award nominations during a prestigious career. Besides the films in the trilogy “Godfather”, the American filmmaker has also directed other critically acclaimed and audiences such as “Apocalypse Now”, “Rumble Fish”, “Dracula” and “The Rainmaker Rainmaker “. He signed feature films such as “Youth Without Youth”, filmed in Romania, and “Distant Vision”, and was recently announced to work on “Megalopolis,” a drama SF with Jude Law in distribution.

Since 1969, he has been owning his own cinematographic production company, American Zoetrope. Thus, Coppola produced over 70 films, including the trilogy “Naşul”, “Apocalypse Now”, “American Graffiti”, “Rumble Fish”, “The Cotton Club”, “The Bling Ring”, ” On the Road “and” Life After Beth “.

The festival will host South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who received the Palme d’Or trophy for Parasite this year, which sold over 330,000 tickets to France and is a box office success in Korea South.

“”Parasite” is about to become the award-winning film with Palme d’Or with the biggest cash,” said Frémaux.

Among the guests of the festival is French actor Daniel Auteuil, British director Ken Loach and writer Marina Vlady, known for “The Conjugal Bed” (1963).

Frémaux also revealed that he plans to host a retrospective André Cayatte, a former lawyer who became a filmmaker and novelist in the 1950s, known for his films as “Avant le déluge”, “Nous sommes tous des assassins” and “Retour à la Vie”.

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