Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 has the lowest score on Rotten Tomatoes in the history of the series


Game of Thrones

Movie critics and GoT fans were not too excited about HBO’s latest episode from the famous series, and this can be seen in the notes he received – the fourth episode of season 8, The Last of the Starks – on the site, but also on

On the film aggregator, the episode gained only 58% appreciation. It is the second in the history of the series with such a low tomato, after the episode 6, season 5, which stopped at 54%. Comments have touched the script a little bit forcibly, despite a satisfying political and tactical intrigue and weight-to-person interactions. Another critique refers to the insufficient development of female characters.

On the IMDB site, episode 4 has the lowest note at the start of the broadcast – 6.7, with all the others going beyond the 8th mark.

The fifth episode promises an epic force-it’s even considered “more grandiose” than The Long Night, in which the Winterfell allies have come face to face with Night King and his deadly army.

“In the fifth episode, whose name is not yet chosen, there will be a decisive clash, which will decide the fate of the seven kingdoms – a direct confrontation for the iron throne,” said the creators of the series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Episode 5 of Season 8 will be on Monday, May 13th.


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