Game of Thrones “The Long Night” episode sets audience records


Game of Thornes - The Long Night

“The Long Night,” the episode 3 of the last season of the GoT, beat the audience record of the show with 17.8 million viewers. Another record that “The Long Night” takes down is that it has become the most discussed Twitter episode in history.

The longest episode of the 82-minute Game of Thrones series has generated a record-breaking number of viewers at first view and replay, becoming the most watched season of the season.

The episode was broadcast on April 28, followed by a number of viewers from the final of Season 7 (seen by 12, 2 million viewers), writes Variety.

“The Long Night” also generated 7.8 million tweets on the Twitter network. The episode was a climax of the show, presenting the Winterfell battle, namely the confrontation between the White Wanders and the Army of the Living, led by Jon Snow and Daenerys.

The episode was as scarce as rarely seen on the small screen, requiring 55 days of filming. Many of the characters that fans are attached to appear in this episode, many gestures of courage and sacrifice being made throughout the episode, causing strong emotions to the audience. Almost every character has its own moment of glory, it has its own moment in which it shines.

The rise of the Zombie Army led by The Night King brings suspense and horror. Unlike other living-dead images, they can intelligently handle guns, not just voracious devours.

The Throne Wreath, released in 2011, is HBO’s most popular series. Season 7 had an average audience of 32.8 million viewers.

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