George Clooney will direct and play in Good Morning, Midnight


Another Hollywood star joins Netflix’s list of collaborators. writes that George Clooney will direct for the streaming company the adaptation of SF Good Morning, Midnight, by Lily Brooks-Dalton. He will also be the protagonist of the movie.

The screenplay of promising production was directed by Mark L. Smith (The Revenant). “The story in a post-apocalyptic world follows the adventures of Augustine (Clooney), alone Arctic scientist and an astronaut on board the space ship Aether, who is trying to return to Terra, while Augustine is in a race to establish a connection with the ship, “reads the synopsis given to the public.

“The book is overwhelming, moving, and Mark’s adaptation is very beautiful. Essentially, this is a story about human nature and I’m convinced that the audience will fall in love with her, as I did when I read it, “said Netflix producer Scott Stuber.

The novel, published in 2017, has been described as the “memorable story of two strangers,” forced by vivid circumstances to cope with love, regret, the struggle for survival in a changing world. ”

“A captivating novel, a simple story that explores the dimensions of memory, personal tragedies, and identity … The fans of Station Eleven, Emily’s St. John and Aurora, by Kim Stanley, will appreciate the delicate exploration of human relationships in extreme environments, “The Washington Post writes.

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