Gladiator 2 will be directed by Ridley Scott


The sequel to the Gladiator, about which the first information appeared in 2001, seems to have finally found its way to production. Original filmmakers confirmed in an interview published by that the project is under development.

Thus, in the scenario where Peter Craig (The Town, Blood Father) now works, the action takes place 25-30 years after the events of the first film. In the directorial seat, Ridley Scott may be back on stage, who has remained attached to the project ever since the first attempt to continue the story. And Russell Crowe was interested in returning to a sequel to the Gladiator and even spent some time researching writings about Romanies’ beliefs about life after death. It is unclear to what extent the star will be attached to the continuation now developed; will also depend on the line on which the scenario will go.

One of the ideas rejected by the developers was that of Maximus being brought back to life by the gods of Rome; becomes a defender of persecuted Christians and is then transported through various critical periods of history: World War II, the Vietnam War – finally a general in the Pentagon of our day.

Launched in 2000, the Gladiator has been considered innovative, with an excellent narrative technique – one of the best movies of all time. The film, which had Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen, was rewarded with a lot of industry awards (including an Oscar for Best Film). International receipts reached $ 460.6 million, with a production budget of 103 million.


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