“Grey’s Anatomy” broke up with two more fans loved by fans


Greg Germann, who plays Tom Koracick, no longer plays in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”. However, the actor is not permanently separated from the long-lived production and will appear in the future as a special guest in the cast. The announcement came immediately after the departure of another beloved actor, Jesse Williams.

The announcement of Greg Germann’s exit from the series came immediately after the news that the beloved Jesse Williams (the interpreter of the charming Jackson Avery) is also leaving the series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Williams played the role of Avery for 12 seasons, and his exit from the scene just took place in the episode entitled “Tradition”, broadcast in the United States on May 20.

Fans did not have time to recover from his amazement after his departure, because in the same episode they witnessed the departure of Greg Germann, in a sequence in which Jackson Avery and Tom Koracick left together for the Boston Foundation. However, we will meet Greg Germann (famous for the role of the slippery lawyer Richard Fish from the series ‘Ally McBeal’) in the series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, the actor will appear in the future as a special guest in the cast.

“Greg Germann is a comic genius and we are very lucky to have appeared in our series in recent years,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told deadline.com. “We will miss him every day, so we plan to see Tom Koracick again!” She added. The actor also stated for deadline.com: “It was a privilege to work with all these incredibly talented people involved in the series in recent years. I also thank the fans, because I really shared this experience with them! ‘.

Greg Germann has played Dr. Tom Koracick, a brilliant neurosurgeon, since 2017. He has appeared in several episodes of season fourteen and was promoted as a permanent character at the beginning of season sixteen. The doctor he played brought a little relaxation in this season pressed by the academy, and the scenes in which he appeared with Dr. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), in a coma, were among the most-watched in the series.

Before leaving, the surgeon he played operated on a Native American old man with a stroke from a community hard hit by the pandemic. The surgeon was deeply moved by the old man’s words after the operation. He was talking through a video link with his niece, who had just given birth to his great-niece and was in a ward in the same hospital. That very evening, Koracick asked Jackson Avery to let him join him at the Boston Foundation, just to help.

From this week, Greg Germann can be seen, along with Jassa Ahluwalia (‘Peaky Blinders’) and Sophie Melville, in the musical show ‘Herding Cats’, by Lucinda Coxon, the first post-pandemic theatrical production that can be watched in combined broadcasts. Greg Germann sings live from a stage in Los Angeles, and his performance is broadcast via a video link to the Soho Theater in London, where Jassa Ahluwalia and Sophie Melville perform in front of the audience in the hall. Audiences around the world can access this live theatrical experience, which combines in real-time the evolution of American and British actors. The show, directed by Anthony Banks, was characterized by the press as “a brave and harsh portrait of contemporary life.”


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