Guillermo del Toro and Bryan Adams, among those who paid tribute to Rutger Hauer


Rutger Hauer, known worldwide due to the role and monologue of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” (1982), was featured in films signed by Paul Verhoeven, Wim Verstappen, and Christopher Nolan.

The actor died on July 19, announced his agent, who said the funeral ceremony took place on Wednesday.

“It was great to work with you,” Adams wrote on Twitter. The two collaborated on a campaign that had protagonist Hauer and for whom the Canadian shot the photos. In 2014, Rutger Hauer signed a contract with the fashion brand Gaastra.

Del Toro wrote about the Dutch: “an intense, profound, real and magnetic actor who brought truth, power, and beauty to his movies. My favorites: Flesh + Blood, Eureka, The Hitcher, Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, and Blind Fury.

Gene Simmons (Kiss), who worked with Hauer on Wanted Dead or Alive, described the actor as “always a gentleman, gentle and compassionate.”

Rapper and actor Ice T, who starred with him in “Surviving the Game,” also conveyed condolences. Actor Josh Gad, like most, referred to the famous “Blade Runner” famous “Lime in the Rain” scene.

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio remembered the few months he spent together in Australia. “He was a very cute man. I made a movie together when I was very young, called “The Blood of Heroes”. I will never forget Dutch films and “Blade Runner”. He will always stay with me. ”

Musician Sebastian Bach wrote: “Rest in peace, Rutger Hauer. You scared me a lot of times. Thanks for the great movies. ”

Born on January 23, 1944, in the Netherlands, Rutger Hauer starred in over 150 artistic and television films and won a Golden Globe in 1988 for the TV series “Escape from Sobibor” (1987). Most recently, this year, in April, received the award for the entire work at the Lucca Film Festival.


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