Henry Cavill, in the books to be the new Wolverine


Sources close to the Marvel Cinematic Universe claim that Henry Cavill could play Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. Hugh Jackman previously played the iconic character on the big screen, which earned him an Oscar nomination for the role in the movie Logan (2017).

Now that Disney and Marvel Studios have regained their Fox-owned films, fans are wondering who the new X-Men and Fantastic Four will be. Who will take over the new roles and what other new characters will emerge? However, the rumor remains that Henry Cavill will play the Wolverine version signed by the MCU.

Henry Cavill played Superman on the big screen. It is common for roles to require it physically and can perform stunts. The choice could be a good one and we could thus see Cavill taking his career to the next level. Until now, Henry Cavill could not be optimally used as Superman, which is why even the hardest of fans agree. And while he would like to reprise his role, Cavill has little chance of becoming a Man of Steel again.

DC and Warner Bros are moving away from the DCEU common universe. Movies like Joker and Wonder Woman have made massive profits at the box office, so it would be time for Henry Cavill to move on. However, will he appear in Captain Marvel 2 with Brie Larson?

Captain Marvel teams up with Wolverine in the comics, so there’s a basis for the rumor. For now, we must wait and see if it becomes a reality. At least, a new version of Wolverine might appear in Captain Marvel 2.


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