Henry Cavill won’t give up Superman role


Actor Henry Cavill said in an interview with People magazine that he has not given up on his former famous score, that of Superman. Moreover, he has high hopes and plans for the future of the superhero. The star, whom we will see from December in The Witcher, said: “I have the suit in my closet. It’s still mine. ”

“I will not stay that way, without having a reaction, waiting quietly, while all kinds of things are happening. I didn’t give up the role. I still have a lot to do with Superman. Many stories to tell. I want to get into all kinds of depths and honest things about the character. I want his screen image to reflect that of the comics. This is important to me. There are many things that need to be addressed in Superman’s case. […] You’ll see! ”Cavill said.

It is for the first time – since the Justice League – when the actor takes a clear position in this regard. Warner Bros. has not announced, until now, a continuation of Man of Steel, and after last year’s rumors that the star was saying goodbye to his role, his assurance can be comforting for many fans.


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