How is Liam Hemsworth, after the divorce with Miley Cyrus


After a marriage that lasted 8 months, Liam Hemsworth decided last year to divorce artist Miley Cyrus, although they have been dating since 2010.

Even if the decision was not an easy one, the actor managed to take refuge in one of his great passions: sport.

At the age of 30, Liam told Men’s Health Magazine Australia that the physical movement kept him away from personal disorders:

“I could say that in the last six months, the sport has been a big step for me, especially in terms of mental balance.”

The actor also gave up the vegan eating style he had already adopted for a long time:

“The first two years I felt great, I felt a high level of energy, a high tone, but at the beginning of 2019 I was feeling vile and I was diagnosed with a kidney stone,” Liam said.

Health problems caused him to “re-evaluate” his lifestyle.

“I want my physical and mental health to be strong”


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